How to wrap a bike

There is no doubt that bike is a great choice of gift to be presented to your dear brother, sister or daughter as a birthday gift but deciding on how to present the gift is found to be little complicated one where you need to find the steps for wrapping your bike present.

 bike gift wrap

Ideas for wrapping the bike

If you are planning to present a bike as a birthday gift then you need to plan how you are going to wrap a bike for birthday then you need to first gather the requirements for wrapping the bike such as like tape, scissors, gift wrapping covers, stickers, gift ribbons. While you are selecting the bike gift wrap covers make sure that you buy the high quality thick covers because the bike pointing needles may tear the wrapper. The following are the some of the ideas that how you can wrap your bike gift for birthday. They are.

  • You can wrap the bike in a box just by using the wrapping papers where the weirdly shaped parts can be wrapped around so, that your dear one wont guess or identify that you are going to gift a bike.
  • Another relatively simple way to wrap a bike involves rolling of the scotch tape by using this you can wrap a bike in a cardboard bike box and make some decorations in the bike box with some beautiful flowers and stickers.
  • The best way to present a bike a gift is just by using the bike wrapping bag because this creates a better look and the bag can also be used for protecting the bike from sunlight and rain.


There are many ways for wrapping the bike gift where you can do the best thing for making your dear ones birthday most memorable and happy one.